Galt Senior Girls Basketball

One team that’s on the rise this year in senior girls’ basketball is the Galt ghosts. After going 3-3 last year, and starting this season 0-1, they’ve won 10 straight games, most recently beating Grand River 48-26 in the quarter-finals

They scored 60+ points in 3 games this season. They’re the only team who’ve scored 60+ in multiple games, including their 78-39 win against Laurel Heights being the most points a team has scored in over 2 years. They’ve scored the most total points out of any team so far this season.  

Their team is being led by top players like Ella Goodwin, who’s been a top scorer in most of their games. She has had a great season so far, including her performance against Grand River, putting up 31 points en route to the Ghosts beating the Renegades 53-36. Those 31 points are tied for the most points scored by a single player this season. 

“We have players in every area, good point guards, strong posts, shooters and great defense,” said Ella Goodwin. 

Another top performer for the Ghosts is Peyton Hewitt, who’s had 10+ points in 9 of 12 games this season, including a 19-point outing against Grand River in the quarter-finals. She’s quietly having a great season and helping Galt remain on a hot streak. 

Ella Goodwin had high praise for her teammate, stating “she was always there on breakaways or found the holes when people got stuck. She played great defense and got a lot of steals which hyped everyone up. I saw her confidence grow throughout the season and she’s continuing to grow.” 

Galt’s spectacular season unfortunately came to an end in their semi-final matchup against Waterloo-Oxford, where they fell 43-41. Ella Goodwin put up 20 points in the game, but it wasn’t enough to push them to the finals.