Junior Boys Basketball: WCI vs Bluevale

On Tuesday December 20th, two undefeated teams squared off at Bluevale. It was the 4-0 WCI Vikings playing the 4-0 Bluevale Knights. Whoever wins this game sits in first place in the standings. 

Good back and forth action to start this game until there is a late quarter push by Bluevale. They go on an 8-2 run before WCI’s Ahmad Musse hits a three to cut the lead. It’s 17-14 Knights after the first quarter.

Second quarter action starts with BCI extending their lead. The Vikings start to climb back before Owen Wilson hits a deep 3 for Bluevale to extend their lead. It’s 32-23 Bluevale at halftime. 

The third quarter starts and it’s great back and forth action, missing almost no shots and hitting a ton of three’s. WCI manages to cut the lead to 5 and calls a timeout. It’s 41-36 Knights. 

Late in the third quarter, Bluevale extended their lead back to a 9 point advantage after three quarters. BCI is up 51-42.

Now in the fourth quarter, the Vikings cut the lead to 4, but BCI won’t let them continue to cut their lead as they go basket for basket with WCI. After a timeout, WCI hits a 3 to cut the lead to 1, then sinking a 2 pointer to take their first lead since the first quarter. 

Bluevale would get the lead back with 2:30 left on the clock with a 3 pointer. But with 1:30 left, Ahmad Musse hits another 3 to give the Vikings the lead. Musse having a great game and would end with 22 points. But just 20 seconds later, Owen Wilson hits a three of his own to give Bluevale a 63-62 lead with 1:07 left. 

With under a minute remaining, Marshall Briggs gives the Vikings a 64-63 lead. Mario Nesic had a chance to give Bluevale the lead but couldn’t hit the shot. 

The WCI Vikings complete the fourth quarter comeback and take this one 64-63, handing bluevale their first loss of the season and taking sole possession of first place.