Ball Keep Up Challenge Information

We are excited to introduce the second WCSSAA challenge – the Ball Keep Up Challenge! Participation is open to all Grade 9 to 12 WRDSB students who want to get active, earn points for your school and have the chance to win some WCSSAA prizes.

Step 1 – Register for the Ball Keep Up Challenge

Fill out the Google Form to register for this challenge.

Step 2 – Complete the challenge

From May 27 to June 9, your goal is to keep up a ball using any part of your body, except your hands and arms. You can use your feet, head, knee, chest, etc. Count how many times you make contact with the ball consecutively before it hits the ground.

Using the report Google Form that was sent to you after registering, record the highest number you were able to keep up in one attempt.

Where should I do it?

Anywhere you have enough space to do it safely so that you maintain social distance with others around you and you are not going to hurt yourself or damage any property.

What do I need?

Any small ball, hacky sack, bean bag, piece of paper crumpled in a ball form, etc.

I have never done a ball keep up before, how do I do this?

We have a video demonstration for you!

Step 3 – Report your results

Report your results through a Google Form link you received when you registered for the Ball Keep Up Challenge. Not sure if you received that link? Contact

Step 4 – Share on social media

We want to see your creative ball keep up attempts on social media! Use the hashtag #GetActiveWCSSAA on Instagram or Twitter to share your photos and videos of you participating in this challenge.

That’s all there is to it! 

Remember to stay safe, be socially distant from others not in your household, and have proper supervision. The more students that participate from your school, the more points your school gets.

You have been challenged!